How to Make Vegetables Taste Heavenly

  • Aug. 13

There comes a time in all of our lives when we just get it in terms of how important it is to make better eating choices. Vegetables become that much more important and fortunately in most cases they don’t taste as bad as they used to taste when you give them one more try as an adult. If you can remember back to your childhood however, you’ll recall just how nasty vegetables tasted.

Most of them your mom probably had to force you to eat, particularly the likes of broccoli (which I personally remember referring to as “trees”) and cauliflower – cauliflower was the nastiest of them all, to be honest. Other vegetables which I personally despised were cabbage, spinach and I just couldn’t stomach celery, to the point that that’s where I put my foot down and simply didn’t eat it, no matter how many threats on my life I received from my mother or how delicious the dessert I was supposedly to miss out on was. My mom soon caught on that I simply won’t eat celery, but you know what? I tried it again in my early adult life and quite liked it. How about that for a complete turnaround?

Some vegetables are a little more bearable to the delicate tongues of the little ones however, which should give you a good base to work off of in making sure everyone gets their recommended daily allowance of the nutrients which come from vegetables. I know carrots go down well with pretty much anyone, even if they’re cooked (cooking them does tend to suck them of their sweetness a bit though).

That’s where to start though with your quest to make vegetables taste better so they can go down more regularly, but it doesn’t have to start and end there. There are means and ways through which to make vegetables taste heavenly, even to the most delicate and sensitive of taste buds as is the case with small kids.

Add some sourness

Okay, so perhaps with the likes of green beans the taste isn’t too much of an issue, but if it is then these can be made extra delicious by cooking them in the oven on the “bake” setting, spiced with curry and actually cooked in vinegar. Try this with other green veggies as well, including green leafy ones like spinach.

Potato pairing

Some of the worst tasting vegetables taste that much better when paired with potatoes, particularly finely chopped potatoes or even mashed potatoes seasoned with salt and mixed in with butter.

Serve raw and fresh

Cabbage in particular comes into focus as one such vegetable I personally despised when it was cooked, but I could very easily eat it and actually enjoyed it raw. So it can perhaps be served raw in a coleslaw salad or something along those lines. In actual fact, if there are any vegetables which you can serve raw then you should do so because cooking does tend to remove a lot of the nutrients. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly and perhaps cook them just a little bit to soften them up a little bit.