Tips to Organize the Perfect Birthday Surprise

  • Jul. 18

Recently, I planned a birthday surprise for one of my closest friends. The party happened at our favorite cocktail lounge, the Regent Cocktail Club. It was my first time to planned such a thing. I realized that it is not an easy task, especially because I want everything to be in perfect order. To help you out in planning a surprise party, the rest of this post will discuss some of the most important tips that you need to know.

Location is Key 

One of the most important factors to consider is the location of the party. Whether you are looking for bars with live music, rooftop lounges, or nightclubs, make sure that the location is accessible for everyone. Of course, it should be in a place where everyone will feel secure. Take note as well of the parking space that is available when evaluating your choices.

Plan the Guestlist Wisely 

This is one thing that can be challenging, especially if the celebrant has a large group of friends. As much as possible, limit the guest list only to those who are close to the celebrant. If you are close friends, you will surely already have an idea of who to invite. Confirm everyone’s attendance a day or two before the actual party.

Select a Theme 

When planning a birthday party, another important thing is to plan the theme, which will depend mostly on the interests of the celebrant. The theme should be identified from the head start because it will have an impact on the other things that you need to plan, such as the food and the décor. Inform the guests about the theme and ask them to follow the dress code, if there is any. Make the theme easy so that guests will not have a hard time figuring out what to wear.

Decide on the Menu 

The goal of the party is not only to surprise the celebrant but to also make sure that everyone will have a good time. To make sure of the latter, you need to plan the menu carefully. From the food to the drinks, think about what everyone will love. Have an alternative for those with special dietary needs.

Don’t Forget the Games 

The least that you would want is for people at the party to be bored. As the one planning the surprise, you are also responsible for organizing games. Think of the best party games that will make everyone laugh, making the party epic. Be sure to prepare the music, props, and anything else that will be needed for the games.

Keep it a Secret 

This is perhaps one of the most challenging parts. Make sure to inform everyone you have invited to keep it a secret. No one must ruin the surprise. Stay away from the celebrant a few days or weeks before the surprise to avoid giving out clues about the party you are planning.

Plan the perfect birthday surprise with the tips that have been mentioned above. For sure, it is going to make the celebrant the happiest person on that day!