Therapeutic Uses of Healthy Organic Foods

  • Mar. 20

It’s often said that food is the best medicine. People often think about that in psychological terms. For example, they might think about how they feel better just smelling the kind of vegetable soup they ate when sick as a child. But in reality there are actually a lot of real medicinal benefits to be found in food. Or, rather, it’s the case for healthy organic food.

A word about antioxidants

The term antioxidant comes up a lot when talking about healthy food. One needs to take a moment to understand them before considering the role of food in one’s health. The human body is subject to a wide range of what’s essentially internally generated damage. Likewise people face the same thing from the outside. Both of these forces are often in the form of oxidative damage. It’s basically the kind of damage to one’s body which comes from simply being a living biological organism.

But oxidative damage can be lessened or even neutralized by antioxidants. There are vast numbers of different antioxidants. And each tends to do a better job within different parts of the body. But as a whole one can consider them as a powerful medicine against the damage everyone faces on a daily basis. That said, the fact that they all work on different areas means that people should strive to keep some variety in their diet. And alongside this one will typically find that organically farmed ingredients have higher antioxidant content than factory farmed equivalents. As such one should try to look for organic foods when possible.

The plant kingdom is king

When one is looking for healthy and antioxidant packed foods than the plantworld is the best option. A definitive study demonstrated that fruits and vegetables have 5 to 35 times more antioxidants than meat. Now, one should keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that meat is inherently unhealthy. Meat can prove a very good source of protein for example. And it offers up B-12, which most vegetable sources lack. But in general the vitamin, mineral, fiber and antioxidant content of plants is much higher than meat.

The therapeutic superstars of one’s kitchen

One can look beyond pure stats and focus on a few special foods though. These are the real superstars of the plant world. One of the most important is nuts. Nuts are often quite inexpensive if one looks for wholesale health foods. When bought in bulk they can more than match the protein profile of meat. But at the same time they have properties which help fight cardiovascular disease, and in the case of omega-3 heavy variants even neurological disorders.

Beans are another of the superfoods that is extremely inexpensive when one buys it as wholesale health foods. They’re probably the most inexpensive form of protein one could hope for. And they’re rich in various antioxidants. However, as a therapeutic agent they’re ideal for treating any bowel issue. This is in large part due to the fact that they’re also a rich source of fiber.

Onions are the final best of the best when it comes to organic foods. It’s extremely high in antioxidants. But it’s also been heavily studied for use in fighting stomach cancer and various issues related to blood clotting. Finally, the fact that it’s often quite inexpensive and tasty makes it one of the best of the best.

Remember to keep up with variety

This is really just a start to using food as an agent for better health. It’s important to keep in mind that variety is a huge component of a healthy diet. More healthy foods don’t just add benefits together either. They often multiply each other’s benefits rather than just adding to them.