The Best of Latin Food Recipes for Weekdays

  • Jun. 28

Real food recipes for super foods can help you lose weight, feel better, and live a better life. These healthy recipes are truly the answer to what can be made for dinner! Everybody will appreciate these new ideas made with healthy, fresh ingredients. Need mealtime inspiration? get it from these real food recipes that are super easy to prepare.

When you are looking for real food recipes for dinner, you will quickly find that savory and comfort are at the top of your list. This is especially true when it comes to dinner for family and friends. A good warm meal with some savory and comforting sides can be a wonderful way to end a wonderful evening. Try these ideas for dinner for a more wholesome dinner that will have everybody talking for weeks to come.

If you love pasta and easy to make sauces, try one of these recipes for a flavorful and easy going lasagna. You can make your lasagna bowl into an easy dinner by adding in a creamy tomato sauce, eggplant sauce, pepper, garlic, sausage, spinach, and beans. The vegetables used in this recipe will keep you feeling full until the dessert is digested. Get some of these easy dinner recipes for a more satisfying taste.

What could be better than a delicious and crispy deep-fried chicken? For a healthier alternative to the traditional fried chicken, try some of these street food recipes that are full of flavor but without all of the unhealthy oil. One of these recipes uses black bean dip as a dip for the chicken. You can add bean salad to that mix to further improve the flavor. The next time you are in a situation where you really want to eat chicken, you might want to try this tasty street food.

If there is a fried or sauced meat lover in your household, this delicious recipe for Smores is sure to please. This recipe uses tenderloin, lean ground beef, garlic, onion, bell pepper, and a creamy barbecue sauce to give you a spicy flair. When it comes to tasting, this recipe for sauced meats will hit the spot!

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Mexican food on a weeknight is always a great idea. It can be a full meal, a snack, or a dip. If you plan on making it a full meal, you can substitute beef, pork, or chicken for the beef. For a fantastic snack, you can combine refried beans, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. For a nice, healthy dip, try making a chimichanga with refried beans, salsa, and chopped tomatoes. You can create a delicious, healthy choice for your dinner and will impress everyone at your table.