The Best Food Spots to Find in a Food Lover’s Bucket List

  • Apr. 08

It’s easy to have a great time in any destination in the world, as long as you make it about finding the right food. Whether it’s local cuisine, ethnic food, local wine, or international cuisine, you can find great food in any country that you travel to.

It’s not just the food, but the space and accessibility that makes finding great food in your travels fun. Many countries around the world are proud to call themselves a global food destination. These special nations make food a central feature of the tourist experience.
Here are some of the best food spots to find in a food lover’s bucket list, explored as specific examples whose otherwise general uncovering of can be facilitate through any popular, local catering platform:

Vietnam: BBQ & Beer

Travel around Vietnam and find the best BBQ in any city. Vietnam is well known for its wonderful BBQ recipes. As such, you can find delicious BBQs wherever you go. You can find fantastic BBQ in Vietnam’s diverse cities, like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, and Danang. Visit the famous BBQ eateries of Saigon’s Huong Lam Street. Enjoy the aroma of fresh bamboo, local spices, and fresh barbecued meats as you walk along the street. These BBQ shops are open late, and allow you to enjoy some of Vietnam’s best BBQ. As Vietnam’s popularity grows, local bars are opening their doors to foreigners. Enjoy BBQ in Vietnam’s hipster bars and cafes. These places are fun to visit for foodies. If you like beer, check out the international beer bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Look out for typical Vietnamese BBQ joints that are smaller, and have BBQ skewers instead of a whole pig.

Montenegro: Traditional Gyro

Montenegro offers mouth-watering gyros at most restaurants. The restaurants serve typical Mediterranean food for tourists, but do not offer anything unique to their cuisine. These places are usually open late, and typically feature live music or dancing to keep you entertained. The food is delicious, and is a great way to get some variety in your travels. This local food is very popular in Montenegro.

Bulgaria: Bulgur Pastry

Bulgaria is known for its delicious cakes. Try the famous Bulgur pastries in most Bulgarian bakeries. If you’re looking for a traditional Bulgarian experience, take a trip to the famous Bulgur hills. Watch some traditional dancing as you stroll down the streets. Follow your bread to the mountains and follow the winding roads down the side of the hills. Enjoy the scenic views and enjoy the best local food at local restaurants. These restaurants serve typical Bulgarian dishes, and are extremely popular with locals. Bulgur is a popular local dish in Bulgaria, and it’s definitely worth trying. It’s made of cracked wheat that is boiled in water. Once the water is boiling, the wheat must be rolled, soaked in spices and breadcrumbs, and baked. Once it cools down, it’s ready to eat. Traditional Bulgarian dishes will feature the use of beer in their cuisine. While the beer may not be the most exciting part of eating a Bulgarian meal, it’s certainly worth trying. If you want to try authentic Bulgarian food, then follow your bread and explore the Bulgarian restaurants in Sofia.

Ireland: Chicken & Bacon Sandwich

Travel through Ireland, and you’ll find some fantastic BBQ restaurants. You can find BBQ in most pubs in Ireland, and it’s a great way to eat in the comfort of the pub. The best BBQ restaurants in Ireland will make their food using fresh meat, and it’s the best way to enjoy it. Although it may be pricey for some people, you can still find delicious local BBQ restaurants in Ireland. If you want to go in and try it out, then visit the burger and beer restaurants in Ireland. Those places allow you to sit outside on the balcony and enjoy your lunch. To enjoy authentic Irish BBQ, visit a traditional pub and enjoy Irish BBQ. Local restaurants in Ireland often serve fresh sandwiches and sandwiches on top of freshly baked bread.