The Best Sunday Lunch Desserts to Indulge In

  • Nov. 28

Sunday lunches perhaps make for the best meals to look forward to the whole week because traditionally a lot of work goes into their preparation. It is indeed a real labor of love and while the main course and starters are always something to write to grandma about, for many diners the dessert is the best part of the meal to look forward to. Of course there’ll be some kind of retribution when it comes to the fact that someone will have to do all the washing up afterwards, but in any case, here’s a selection of some of the best Sunday lunch desserts to indulge in:

Malva pudding

This is about as sweet as Sunday puddings get and Malva pudding comes all the way from South Africa, making for a favorite in many South African homes and beyond. One Oprah Winfrey got introduced to this Sunday dessert delight through her personal chef, Art Smith, when he served it for the 2006 Christmas dinner held for the pupils of the Oprah Winfrey Learning Academy for Girls in South Africa.

So what goes into Malva pudding? The main ingredients are nothing more than sugar, flour, apricot jam and milk, baked according to the recipe’s instructions and served with a cream sauce which is poured over it and custard. Some people love to eat it with ice-cream, typically outside of the borders of South Africa, but traditionally in this African country it’s enjoyed hot with hot or cold custard. A favorite way of enjoying it is breaking the rich cake bit up and mixing it all in with the custard so that it “looks disgusting (like sick, really) but tastes heavenly!”

Frog Egg

Okay, so you won’t be eating actual frogs’ eggs if you enjoy a nice helping of frog egg pudding for your Sunday lunch dessert. It’s only referred to as frog egg pudding because that’s what it looks like, to the extent that sometimes it’s presented with an edible frog shaped marshmallow candy just to add that special touch. What frog egg pudding actually is, is tapioca pudding and eggs do go into its preparation alright, but only regular chicken eggs instead of frog eggs.

Ingredients include tapioca (a cassava root starch extract), milk, coconut milk, sugar (if required since coconut milk often proves to be sweet enough), kiwis (optional) and chicken egg. Food coloring can also be added for presentation.

Good old jell-o and custard

You can never go wrong with custard and jell-o as far as Sunday desserts go, even if actually making this all-time favorite of many homes would come across as if not much effort has been put in. The different flavors jell-o comes in keep things fresh enough while some variations to this Sunday lunch classic can be added in the form of whipped cream or a crumble made out of coconut-based biscuits. For some reason young boys seem to love making the jell-o as a means through which to help their moms prepare the traditional Sunday lunch, which is easy to see why since it’s so easy and a lot of fun too.