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This is the area of the Appimeal website where I get to hand the stage over to you, the community. Cooking should be a social activity. A time for people to come together and bond over some of the most wonderful tasting dishes all cooked with love, care, and passion. So, what better way than to share this passion and dedication to the subject of food than with the wider community of Appimeal?

You may have been waiting for the opportunity to get your skills and techniques in front of a more comprehensive audience, or perhaps you have always wanted to share a couple of your home-made recipes with others, so they can enjoy them as well? Whatever your reason, this is your chance to get it all written down into a guest blog post and in front of the Appimeal broader community.

Grab a coffee and a snack and take a bit of time out to read through this extensive article which I have prepared for all those interested in contributing to the site. Then get your much-awaited blog post to me so we can work on getting you pride of place on this website!

Why I Would Like You to Contribute to My Blog

If you are reading this blog, you will no doubt be as passionate as I am about all things food related and the cooking process. If so, I would love nothing more for you to develop the confidence to share your knowledge with the wider community. This blog attracts a whopping 14,100 plus visitors to its pages per month; so, you can only imagine how much your words of wisdom could help your fellow community members!

Maybe you have been cooking a signature dish for several years now, and would like to share in its secret ingredients? Perhaps you have recently purchased several kitchen appliances which have made your cooking experience more pleasurable, and you would love to share your thoughts with others? You may even be involved in a local food campaign, which you would like to highlight to a wider audience? Whatever your reason for writing, I can guarantee you a platform whereby each community member is just waiting to utilize your skills and guidance.

I’m often asked by Appimeal community members what are the requirements when writing for this blog? The answer is quite simply one thing- passion! The audience to this blog is an intelligent and savvy bunch who visit to discover more, update their skills and knowledge or find guidance in what the blog currently has to offer. Therefore, all I require of you is a passion that emits throughout your blog post.

I have always believed that passion outshines everything else and is a crucial element of a blog post, way above paragraph structure and grammar issues! I, therefore, do not want you to feel as though you are being scrutinized or excluded from submitting your piece just because you may have never done anything like this before. The Appimeal audience is not here to criticize your writing style, they only want to read something fresh, new and relevant to their own needs, and be able to apply it themselves.

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog Based on The Following List of Topics

Currently, the site has an extensive list of categories which has been compiled after months of research into the most widely discussed and read blog posts. This list reflects the categories which are the most popular areas of discussion on the Appimeal blog:

  • Cakes and Baking
  • Cocktails and Drinks
  • Food Trends
  • Healthy Eating
  • Kitchen Stuff
  • Salads
  • Seafood
  • Snacks
  • Soups
  • Vegan Food
  • Vegetarian Food

I feel confident that this list allows a wide range of subject matter to be produced in its blog contents, but I also understand the importance of maintaining this list and keeping an eye on its relevance, as more and more food topics and cooking trends make their way into the world! Therefore, if I feel there is a category which could do with a bit of updating, or there is a topic worth adding to the list, I will work on it as and when the need arises. Alternatively, I would love to hear from you if you believe the site could benefit from an additional category not currently mentioned above.

However, if you are still not entirely confident just yet about submitting a guest post to the site, maybe these few sample article title ideas for blog posts would be of help to get you started? These may give you a better idea of what it is that people tend to look for the most when they arrive at the Appimeal website:

  • How Can I Make Salads Both Look and Taste Amazing?
  • Is There A Great Cake Recipe That Offers A Healthier Alternative to A Firm Family Favorite?
  • How Can I Recreate That Wonderful Restaurant Ambience in My Own Home?
  • How to Make the Best Cocktail When You are A Beginner to The Drink!
  • How to Make Work Place Lunches Inspirational.

Write for My Website and Gain Appreciation for Your Own Cooking Skills and Knowledge

Ultimately, when you pen your own blog post for the Appimeal website, you can showcase your own cooking and food related skills to a wider audience. For every writer who offers their valuable guidance to the Appimeal community, I promise to add your own name pride of place next to your blog post. This way, when 14,100 plus people click on your post, it is only your name they will see credited as the author of the article.

Furthermore, should you wish to show others a little bit more of your culinary skills, I can also mention your social media account whereby anybody interested in finding out more about you can do so for themselves. This is just a small way of thanking you for taking the time and effort to empower the Appimeal community, and hopefully, this shows how much I appreciate your valuable contribution.

By now your creative taste buds will be inspired! All that is left to do is write and publish your post here . As soon as I receive your finished piece, I will work on getting your post on the site and in front of an audience of 14,100 plus within hours. That really is all there is to getting published on the Appimeal website; what could be simpler?