Strange Food Fetishes Shared by Our Readers

  • Mar. 09

This post has been long in the making, put together by sifting through all the different submissions our readers provided of their weird and wonderful food fetishes. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their strange food fetishes, but as you know we simply cannot publish each and every one of them. Every single last one of them was read though, so your efforts were definitely not in vain.

With that let’s get right into it and explore some of the most intriguing of your weird and wonderful food fetishes.

Saving the burnt for last

Actually this weird and wonderful food fetish seems to be a lot more common than one would think, as strange as it may be. We received more than three of similar submissions, detailing how that characteristically over-baked bit of bread which has a little bit more of a sour taste than the rest of the bread is saved for last. People seem to love that “burnt” taste, so they fold a slice of bread the long way, eating the sandwich from the bottom up to end with that burnt bit.

I guess those of us who cut the crusty bit off when making a sandwich are missing out then, aren’t we?

Flat Coke

Another food fetish which seems to be popular beyond just one person – flat Coke appears to appease the taste buds better than when it’s brimming with carbon. I can sort of relate with this as there have been some times when I’ve really enjoyed that last bit of Coke which was left inside the bottle to make for one last glass, having gone flat while re-chilling in the fridge.

It seems like a bit of a “process” to have to wait for it to go flat though if you’re intentionally planning to drink it flat.

Honey fries

Across the Atlantic, over in the U.K. they tend to prefer chips over what we call fries here, which are pretty much thicker versions of fries, softer too and seasoned with vinegar in addition to salt. That’s strange enough for us North Americans, but it’s common in many other regions around the world. Things actually get weird though with the likes of honey fries – fries covered in nothing but honey to make what are essentially sweet fries! I don’t know about that hey! I mean it’s potatoes with sugar here…

Fried (not) Sushi

There are different interpretations of what sushi actually is, but for the purposes of this post I’m going with the raw-fish interpretation of it. Now, this food fetish defeats the purpose of sushi in that the consumer goes home, pops it in the pan and fries it either in olive oil or regular cooking oil!

I guess not everybody likes their food raw in any form, so sushi is no longer sushi but perhaps fried salmon in this way…

Grilled mangos

I’m yet to muster up the courage to try this, but yeah, apparently cooking your fruit is a thing, with mangos going on the grill in this instance as a weird and wonderful food fetish one of our readers has.