Why Seafood is Generally So Healthy

  • Mar. 02

As perhaps the most popular and most widely consumed variety of seafood, fish is always cited as perhaps the healthiest food you can eat based on its almost pure nutritional content of protein. It’s a pity about anyone who is actually allergic to fish because not only is it a very healthy food, but it boasts the unique property of being delicious without compromising on its healthiness.

That’s just fish though, because generally seafood is collectively healthy, whatever variety of it you choose to fill up on. This is not to say that every single kind of seafood is good for you though – in particular, there are some fish varieties which are all the way poisonous and you don’t want to mess with a banded sea snake. There are also some issues of ethics around cruelty to animals, such as how shark fin seems to be a delicacy in some parts of East Asia, but generally you can’t go wrong with seafood if you want to eat healthy and actually look and feel healthy.

But why exactly is seafood so healthy though?

Pure nutrient forms

I already touched on fish as an example of how a seafood variety is pretty much a pure version of a specific nutrient, in this case fish and the protein it contains. But that’s pretty much what all varieties of sea food are – it’s the main nutrient in what is perhaps the purest form it occurs in, in nature and nothing much else really.

For the most part there isn’t even a need for any seasoning since the natural salinity of the ocean pretty much provides for the salt content. Again, this is just generally speaking of course, because I mean I know you can’t really have your hake without seasoning it with salt at the very least.

Survival of the fittest and strongest

It takes watching only one or two of those NatGeo Wild documentaries to realize that the ocean is more of a jungle than any actual jungle. In the depths of the blue sea it is indeed about survival of the fittest, to the extreme! I mean a big shoal of tuna can be reduced to nothing more than an evasive mass of only a few fish within a matter of seconds, having survived the onslaught of up to five different natural predators at once. So it really is survival of the fittest, smartest and strongest.

This is only good news for those who enjoy their seafood because what it means is that by the time some or other variety of seafood hits your plate, even after having been frozen and transported over long distances, it would have had to survive the harshest of natural challenges in its very hostile environment.

So you’ll be eating the leanest of the leanest meat which while it was alive demonstrated some instinctive smarts as well.

You only have to look at how lean and slim coastal dwellers who live off fish are to realize just how healthy the food they eat is and the lifestyles they lead are. It’s the natural and wholesome goodness of Mother Nature, made in the depths of the blue sea.