The Health Benefits of Filling up on Salads

  • Mar. 02

If you’ve heard it once you’ve probably heard it many times, that being just how healthy salads are as an alternative to some of the heavier meals we often feed ourselves. But what exactly are these health benefits? It’s worth exploring so that next time you’re faced with a choice you know exactly what the implications are.

Salads aid digestion

It isn’t just a matter of the lightness of salads making them easy to digest, but also a matter of the fibre content contained in the salads. Pretty much any plant material which forms a big part of any typical salad is rich in natural fibre, which then obviously aids in the process of digestion. Therefore filling up on salads is a great way to keep yourself regular, something which will help you in the long run since you’ll find that you don’t have to suffer the effects of toxin build-up too often and you then subsequently have to induce detoxification fewer times, if at all.

A healthy bowel movement induced and maintained by the wholesome goodness of nature will have your body thanking you for your efforts and rewarding you accordingly with elevated energy levels and just a good feeling of being alive.

Quick nutrient delivery

Because of how light pretty much each of the ingredients of a typical salad are, they tend to get digested very quickly and easily, which means quick and easy delivery of the nutrients contained into your bloodstream and all throughout your body. You should look forward to that starting-to-feel-hungry-again feeling you get after having filled up on a salad as this is an indication that the nutrient delivery phase post-digestion has kicked into gear. That feeling is most pronounced when you’ve freshly made the switch to incorporating more salads into your diet though. After a while your body starts getting used to it and you no longer feel like there’s a gaping hole in your stomach a few minutes after you’ve had your salad fill.

No post-meal energy slump

As much as you might experience what feels like a hole in your stomach not too long after you’ve filled up on a salad, this is a much better alternative than what you’d otherwise experience in the form of a post-meal energy slump. Post meal energy slumps, known to many colloquially as “the itis,” seem to come on after one has had a relatively heavy meal and this naturally slows down your productivity. So there’s none of that with salads and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the working day.


The fact that salads are generally cheaper than other types of dishes is in itself not a direct health benefit, but what this means is that you can consolidate on what is a much healthier eating choice by using the money you save to perhaps pair the salad with something else to eat that’s healthy. A protein shake supplement is a good example or just something filled with the wholesome goodness of Mother Nature, like some dried fruit to snack on.