Easy ways to reduce plastic use

  • Jun. 06

Plastic has become the hot topic of conversation in recent months, with organisations urging people to use less in their everyday lives. Here are some ways of reducing the amount of plastic you use in your home.

  1. Recycle

Not all plastics are recyclable, but most items are. Learn what your local council is able to accept on regular recycling bin days and whatever they don’t try and take to a local tip where there is often better sorting options.

  1. Straws Suck

Plastic straws are one of the main forms of plastic that end up in the sea and in landfill, causing the most harm to the environment. Try using paper straws at home or invest in a metal straw that you can also take out to restaurants.

  1. Ban Plastic Bottles

Reusable water bottles are available everywhere now, they’re perfect for keeping in your bag and refilling throughout the day to save money and reduce your plastic use.

  1. Buy in Bulk

When doing a food shop, look at things you use often and buy them in bulk, rather than buying small packets each week. This is easy to do with items such as pasta and rice but can even extend to larger packs of meat that you can then freeze.

  1. It’s A Wrap

When it comes to lunches, we can sometimes be tempted to throw it all in a plastic bag and carry it to work or school. Instead, buy paper lunch bags that you can take your lunch in, invest in some reusable Tupperware or save ones from your next Chinese takeaway meal!