Easing Into More Wholesome Foods

  • Apr. 24

For some of us this comes earlier on in our lives and for others it comes as more of a knee-jerk reaction to having experienced some relatively serious health issues, that being the realization that it’s perhaps time to start eating better as part of your resolution to live a healthier life. For others, no amount of health problems or scares will make them give up some of their favorite moment-on-the-lips-lifetime-on-the-hips indulgences. Eating better is just too difficult for some people, but if you really need to make this change then you’ll have to ease yourself into it if you’re to make the transition a successful one sustained over a considerable period of time to come.

There are no two ways about it – wholesome foods and whole foods will have you feeling like you’ve resolved to start eating cardboard if you’re used to some of the finer foods that thoroughly entertain your palate. If you’re really committed to the cause though, it can take as little as two days to adjust, but that’s just on the taste front.

For all the flaws it has in its design, the body is indeed quite a marvelous being with all manner of complex processes operating like clockwork to have it adapting to your lifestyle choices. Yes, this means that despite your insistence on maintaining a relatively unconstructive lifestyle health wise, the body makes do with what you give it in order to try and function in the most optimal way it can.

So, your body gets used to discarding a huge portion of the junk you feed it, sifting through all that nutritionally worthless food to seek out the nutrients it requires for optimal functionality. You’re really not helping it though with prolonged periods of bad eating habits to go with the lack of exercise which is somewhat of a standard part of the average person’s life today.

Consequently, when you go from uninhibited indulgence to suddenly only eating whole foods, you will suffer some effects which could very quickly get you back to the path of destruction. You might experience a loss of energy, typically manifesting through the realization that you can’t quite seem to get through a single day in its entirety without turning to some sort of energy booster. Avoid energy drinks and the likes in this case, rather seeking to look towards natural sugar sources (and natural fats as well) for your energy pick-me-upper. So enjoy a nice red apple instead of downing a fizzy energy drink or a cup of coffee.

A lack of energy may be accompanied by feelings of a bit of anxiety and what can often feel like a bit of depression, but remember that in this case you are aware of the source of these feelings, so it’d be best to just ride it out until your body adjusts through this transition period of learning how to make use of the new way through which it is to extract its required nutrients.

Otherwise replacing the likes of processed foods with whole food substitutes should be done slowly and steadily, such as one-to-one every couple of days.