Cooking Secrets: How to Make a Tasty Dish out of a Fish

  • Jul. 18

Whether it is for a trendy brunch in NYC or an intimate dinner, among others, I always prefer going out to sample foods from new restaurants around the area. At times, however, it can be expensive. With this, I often take inspiration from my favorite restaurants and recreate their dishes at home. Among others, one of my favorite to cook is fish. That being said, read the rest of this post and learn some of the secrets to cooking a tasty fish.

Choose the Right Fish

It all starts with your right choice of fish. In one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC, Scarpetta, I love their fish because it is fresh and tasty. The secret – they spend time in choosing it. The same thing should be true for at-home chefs. Choose a fish that is grown in a sustainable environment and sold by trusted sellers or markets. See to it that it is fresh. If you will grill the fish, choose one that is meaty, such as a swordfish. On the other hand, for baking, a good option would be one that is dense, such as an arctic char.

Use a Grill Basket

If you are planning to grill the fish, you need to have a grill basket. This will make it easier to flip the fish when one side is fully-cooked. If you use tongs, this can make the fish deformed, especially if it has a delicate flesh. With a grill basket, on the other hand, it will be less likely that the fish will end up falling apart.

Invest in a Spatula

Similar to a grilling basket, it is also important to have a spatula to flip the fish easily when it is cooked in a pan. A fish spatula is different from other spatulas. Basically, the fish spatula is thin and angled, which makes it easy to get under the fish and flip it without breaking down the flesh.

Cook it Quickly

Fish is an excellent choice for people who are impatient. In the case of most recipes, there is no need to have the luxury of time to cook fish. Especially if you are cooking fish fillet, it takes only about three to four minutes to cook each side. As a general rule when cooking fish, you have to cook it for seven to ten minutes for every inch of its thickness.

Keep the Skin

A lot of people remove the skin of the fish before it is cooked. However, it will be best if you leave the skin on. The skin will add texture to the fish. Best of all, it will also add a distinct flavor, although, for some, it can be quite unpleasant. The fish will help to keep the flesh together, especially when you are grilling or frying. If it is a delicate fish, on the other hand, there is no need to take off the skin.

Be a gourmet chef at home with the cooking secrets that have been shared above. It will be easy to cook fish that will taste like one of those that you can find in expensive restaurants.