Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

  • Oct. 04

The holidays are the season for indulging yourself in culinary treats. It is also the time to be generous to others. Are some of the names on your Christmas shopping list still left unchecked? No need to look further than this list of Christmas gift ideas for foodies. This Christmas, share the gift of food. Even the lesser connoisseur will appreciate these food-themed gifts.

  1. Home Brew Kombucha Kit

Kombucha is all the rage right now. Most trendy coffee shops and health food stores will have stocked up on this cold fermented tea. Now you can also make your very own blend of home brewed kombucha by just purchasing a kit. A home-brewed kombucha kit is a fun Christmas gift for the hipster and health concious friend. Let them learn the basics of brewing kombucha and then encourage them to experiment with different flavours. You, of course, are more than willing to do taste tests.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Kit

If you find kombucha more of an acquired taste then you can switch to a cold brew coffee kit. Cold brew coffee taste more or less the same as iced coffee but packs a bigger caffeine punch. If you need a Christmas gift for the coffee addict, a cold brew coffee kit is very suitable. A home brewed cup of coffee is even more satisfying than what the barista poured. Plus, you can safe the coffee addict from a trip through the cold winter weather to get his morning fix.

  1. Christmas Gift Basket

Are you looking for a gift that isn’t a do-it-yourself gift? Go browsing for a Christmas gift basket instead. For the ones that would prefer their food served to them instead of made by them, a gourmet Christmas gift basket will feed their desires. You can choose a Christmas gift basket with artisan chocolate for the sweet tooth or go the savoury route. Treat a wine expert on a Christmas gift basket with new wines to try with accompanying cheese. A gourmet Christmas gift basket is easily adjusted to anyone’s taste.

  1. Beer Carrier

The six-packs of beer that you can buy in the shop are not made of the strongest material. How many times have you held on tightly to the cardboard packaging with the fear of all bottles smashing onto the ground? A sturdy beer carrier makes it easier to safely bring beer to the next holiday season party. This is a gift for both the man that enjoys trying different beer breweries and the man that sticks to the best value six pack.

  1. Raw Organic Honey

Honey is a staple in any kitchen but did you know there are differences in the quality of honey? The flavour of the honey can also differ depending on the source and processing. If you know your friend adds honey instead of sugar in her tea or likes to bake with honey, upgrade their honey quality with a bottle of raw organic honey. Let them taste the difference.