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5 Common Mistakes When Taking Care of Kitchen Knives

A good set of kitchen knives will cost you quite a bit but they will reward you with a wonderful chopping experience when preparing meals.
  • Jul. 02

Cooking Secrets: How to Make a Tasty Dish out of a Fish

Whether it is for a trendy brunch in NYC or an intimate dinner, among others, I always prefer going out to sample foods from new restaurants around the area. At times, however, it can be expensive. With this, I often take inspiration from my favorite restaurants and recreate their dishes at home. Among others, one […]
  • Jul. 18

Tips to Organize the Perfect Birthday Surprise

Recently, I planned a birthday surprise for one of my closest friends. The party happened at our favorite cocktail lounge, the Regent Cocktail Club. It was my first time to planned such a thing. I realized that it is not an easy task, especially because I want everything to be in perfect order. To help […]
  • Jul. 18

Easy ways to reduce plastic use

Plastic has become the hot topic of conversation in recent months, with organisations urging people to use less in their everyday lives. Here are some ways of reducing the amount of plastic you use in your home.
  • Jun. 06

Cooking Without Cooking

There’s a meme which has been circling around the social media circuits for quite some time now, featuring an image of the different types of ways steak is prepared. Clearly the person who created the meme is somewhat of a blood-thirsty vampire because they go on about how those who like their steak around the […]
  • Oct. 30
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