Cocktails and Drinks

Requirements for selling alcohol

Fancy yourself as a master cocktail maker? Can you see yourself as the proud landlord of your very own pub? Or maybe you’re planning to open a brand-new venue, and a few drinks are on offer. All these dreams have something in common — you need an alcohol licence to sell alcohol.
  • Jul. 06

Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Party

If you’re planning on pulling all the stops out for a big birthday or life event then why not throw a party to remember? Whether you’re planning it for yourself or as a surprise for a loved one, a party is the perfect way to bring friends together and have a good time. Throwing a […]
  • Apr. 25

Bagged Tea Alternatives – Simple Tea Recipes

There’s a story of how some French conglomerate went over to South Africa to try and assume ownership of the rights to the famous rooibos (“red bush”) tea, much to their justified disappointment of course. Had they succeeded in their self-serving quest it would make for a perfect example of what’s wrong with the way […]
  • Dec. 14

Juicing Guide

Now that the fad seems to have died out and juicing is no longer the buzz-word in the healthy eating and fitness/exercise world, I can weigh in with my two cents worth on the topic. I am indeed talking from my own personal experience on juicing and quite honestly I can truly say that I […]
  • Jul. 29

Delicious Fresh Strawberry Shake Recipe

There are very few things in this world more satisfying than being able to pick some fresh produce straight from your garden and prepare it yourself in the kitchen. The entire process of cultivating your own fresh produce on a small scale in your own backyard pumpkin patch is therapeutic, but there’s something totally gratifying […]
  • Jun. 04
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