Bulk Buy Your Supplies With Instacart’s Stock-Up Feature

  • Jun. 22

Stocking up on products is a great way to save money whilst ensuring you have everything you need in your cupboards. However, sometimes stocking up isn’t easy for families and customers, as big suppliers require membership and subscription fees that become costly.

However, thanks to services such as Instacart, which partners with Costco and Safeway, you can stock up on your favorite products whilst saving yourself from subscribing to the direct supplier.

The benefits of bulk buying

Everyone should know the benefits of bulk buying when deciding on the best way for your household to shop, whether expenditure or sustainability is your top priority. Below are a few pros of bulk buying to keep in mind;

  • Directly lower your costs on food – instead of buying products at full price on a one by one basis, you can purchase multiple products at a discounted price.
  • Positive environmental impacts – when bulk buying, there is less packaging involved than if you were to buy products individually.
  • Lower the number of trips you take to the store – by buying in bulk, your stock supplies will last longer, meaning fewer trips to the store.

How do I use Instacart?

Your first step in using Instacart is creating an account either by using the website or app. Once you have done this, you will be able to see all the stores available in your location.

You can then select which store you would like to do your shopping with and commence your purchase by adding items to your basket.

You will need to check out and schedule a delivery time suitable for you to place your order. You can choose varied delivery windows, whether you’d like your order within an hour or later in the week.

Once your order is confirmed, you will be allocated a personal shopper. Your personal shopper will be on hand for you to message directly via the Instacart app whilst they pick up your order; this enables you to have live updates and information on your order and delivery status.


What type of products can I stock buy?

The type of available bulk products varies based on which store you use. For example, if you use Costco, you will be able to purchase multipacks of drinks, chips and bath tissue. In comparison, CHEF’STORE provides ingredients such as caster sugar and oil in their bulk forms.


How much does Instacart cost?

To use Instacart, you don’t need to pay any membership or subscription fee. But, you might want to choose their Express Membership, which gives you free delivery with any order over $35.

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