Brownies in a Mug

  • Jul. 30

When I’m struck with a craving for something sweet I’m left with two options. Hike it across town to pick something up from the shops, or bake a delicious desert myself. Most dessert recipes though end up creating large batches that take up a bit too much time, so if all I want is to feed a swelling craving with a sweet snack, I have to think up other recipes.

This is where a delicious microwave mug brownie comes to the rescue. It takes less than five minutes to throw together and cook, and cleans up just as easily at the end.

Because this brownie is made so quickly, it may have an unexpected texture to those who haven’t made it before, but the recipe is still delicious, and taking so little time to prepare, its only reasonable to expect it to taste a little different to the results of an afternoons worth of baking.

In under five minutes – how is it done?

How do I make an entire brownie with only five minutes on the clock? The first step is to get all the dry ingredients ready, including flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, and a tiny pinch of salt. These dry ingredients are all thrown in the mug and whisked together, before the wet ingredients are added: milk, vegetable oil, and a small amount of vanilla extract. To top off the brownie, consider mixing in lots of chocolate chips to add sweetness to each bite.

If I really want to indulge, I’ll add a scoop of my favourite ice cream on top of my chocolate mug brownie, some double cream, or even flourish whipped cream. If your favourite toppings something different, you can always add some fresh berries, a chocolate sauce or spread, or just a powdering of sugar.

As well as being super simple to make and bake, another benefit of the brownie is that you probably won’t even need to visit the shops, as all the ingredients are common to every home. Once your ingredients have been mixed into the mug, it only take 1-2 minutes in a microwave to bake.

The simple recipe

Add 30g of flour and 50g of sugar to your mug, then stir in 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder with the pinch of salt and your baking powder. Once these ingredients have been whisked together add a quarter cup of milk, with the dash of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Once well stirred, add in and mix around your chocolate chips before putting the mug in the microwave for one to two minutes depending on your microwave’s power. Take care once it is finished as the mug brownie will be very hot. Now that it is done simply add whatever topping takes your fancy and enjoy your 5-minute brownie in a mug!

Order a Brownie in a Mug kit!

The professional brownie bakers at Bad Brownie have their own kit for making brownies in a mug! It contains everything you need to make your own delicious brownies in less than five mins. The only ingredients you will need to add are butter and milk plus you’ll need a microwave to cook the brownies in!