About Appimeal

Hello and a warm welcome to Appimeal.com. This is a unique website dedicated to all things food! For all those who enjoy preparing and cooking healthy foods, as well as trying a whole host of new and exotic meals, this is the website to share your experiences with a broader community of like-minded members.

Before we start on our culinary journey, let me tell you a little about the creation of the Appimeal website.

About Me

My name is April Pitterson, and I am the creator of the website appimeal.com. Born in the dazzling city of New York, I was raised to have an appreciation of food, alongside an understanding of how healthy food could indeed be happy food! My mother taught me never to be afraid of trying new types of food and encouraged me to explore food from every culture while experiencing what other countries had to offer.

Consequently, because of having such a positive introduction to food, I then went on to take this passion and knowledge with me through to my own family. As I became a wife and then a mother, I knew I wanted to pass on the same expertise and advice that my mother had so naturally given me. Healthy eating has always been an important subject for me, but none so more than when I became a mother myself.

You soon take an added interest in everything that you put into your food when you have children, and I immediately realized the enormity of ensuring that my family ate the best possible food possible under my care. Perhaps this was why I became a passionate supporter of a local campaign to ensure that all children received a healthy meal once a day and that all families were able to access fresh quality products at affordable prices.

The more I began researching and campaigning, the more it became apparent to myself and my family that I could utilize my passion for food to help a much more comprehensive audience further afield. After discussing how I could get my message across, I realized that there was one sure-fire way of getting my message and guidance into homes across the world; and that was to create my very own blog – hence Appimeal was born!

How Appimeal Began

Within a few short weeks of beginning my blog, I wondered why I had never turned to blogging earlier! Blogging is one of the most common ways of connecting with so many like-minded individuals but, at the same time, encourages everyone to get involved further in the community and add something of their own to.

It soon became clear that many people were looking for a real food blog, created and designed by somebody real who was passionate about cooking and eating the right kinds of food, but who also made food fun. The response I began to receive from visitors to Appimeal was surreal, and I knew I had the makings of a website that really resonated with so many foodie fans!

What to Expect from Your Visit to Appimeal

When you click on the Appimeal website, I want you to be captivated by the high-quality content, photography, and advertisements from the very first few minutes of your visit! This is the website I want you to feel encouraged to bookmark and refer to time and time again, as you make your way through the culinary masterpieces displayed upon its pages.

If it is inspiration, a new recipe, an article about exotic food or even an advert for the best kitchen appliances which you are after, here at Appimeal, I will ensure that you find everything that you are looking for and much more besides.

Let the culinary journey begin…