5 Ways Creative to Try New Foods

  • Jun. 20

Expanding your taste palate has many benefits. You can improve your health by eating different types of foods and benefitting from the various sources of nutrition. Learning how to enjoy other foods can open doors for new opportunities. You can go to new restaurants and participate in events you may have been hesitant to go to before.

But, getting out of your comfort zone can be difficult. It’s a slow process, so here are some useful tips that will help you expand your taste palate.

1.     Cook Your Own Meals

Cooking new dishes yourself can help you appreciate the process that goes into making them. It will help you familiarize yourself with the food in all sorts of ways. From how it feels to how it smells; you can learn a lot by cooking things yourself.

Cooking also removes the air of mystery behind certain dishes. At first, new meals may seem unappetizing. If you learn how it’s prepared, it may seem like less of a foreign substance and more like a nutritional delicacy.

2.     Put Your Own Twist on Recipes

You don’t have to eat meals like everyone else does. If it’s easier for you to eat a medium-well steak with ketchup and mustard, then don’t hesitate.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you learn how to get comfortable with eating different kinds of foods. You can start slow and keep your old dietary habits as you slowly incorporate new things into it.

Just make sure that you don’t mix incompatible foods. Spicy and sweet or hot and cold mixtures might upset your stomach.

3.     Try Different Variations of the Same Food

Try to eat different variations of the same food. If you don’t like a certain fruit, try it in smoothie form. If you don’t like boiled eggplants, try them fried.

By trying different variations of the same food, you’ll get accustomed to its flavor. As you familiarize yourself with the food in one form, you’ll slowly begin to tolerate it in other forms.

4.     Spices are Your Friends

For foods you strongly dislike, try to eat a very flavorful version first. The spices will mask the original flavor. This is a great tactic if your tolerance for spiciness is high.

5.     Order From Local Restaurants

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