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5 Common Mistakes When Taking Care of Kitchen Knives

A good set of kitchen knives will cost you quite a bit but they will reward you with a wonderful chopping experience when preparing meals.
  • Jul. 02

The Go-To Foods for IBS Breakouts

Those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and those who are close to IBS sufferers know that it’s simply a matter of managing the condition by staying away from certain foods, but it’s only simple in concept and a lot more complicated in application. It’s almost as if you don’t quite believe that you […]
  • Jun. 28

Making Cocktails Can Be a Fun Social Occasion

You may be wondering how the alcohol beverages of cocktails fit in with a healthy eating website? The answer is simply that as adults we all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time; so why not do it in style?
  • Jun. 27

Making Cooking A Family Friendly Activity

As parents, we strive to ensure that what our children eat is as good and healthy as we can guarantee it to be. While we can’t always be there to ensure they follow our guidance as they get older, we can try to get them off to the best start in life, health-wise.
  • Jun. 27

Dust off the barbecue – the sun’s on its way!

The blistering Easter sun we’ve recently experienced here in the UK has got us thinking about warm sunny days in the garden, with the barbecue sizzling away nicely.  Just so you’re prepared for the next batch of warm weather, check out these perfect BBQ recipes below, put together courtesy of Flogas Gaslight:
  • Apr. 26

Why are independent coffee shops succeeding?

The coffee shop industry is booming — but not just because of the well-known coffee chains you see on your way to work every day. According to recent reports, the UK’s independent coffee shops and smaller chains are enjoying high sales, and overall, the UK is number one in Europe for growth in branded coffee […]
  • Dec. 04

Why UK bakeries must get energy efficient

Bakeries across the world are known for using a lot of energy. Not only do they need to power the usual lighting and heating expenses, but they also have to power mixers, fridges, freezers and ovens. This can lead to high energy bills and cause profit margins to shrink.
  • Nov. 28

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

The holidays are the season for indulging yourself in culinary treats. It is also the time to be generous to others. Are some of the names on your Christmas shopping list still left unchecked? No need to look further than this list of Christmas gift ideas for foodies. This Christmas, share the gift of food. […]
  • Oct. 04

Cooking Secrets: How to Make a Tasty Dish out of a Fish

Whether it is for a trendy brunch in NYC or an intimate dinner, among others, I always prefer going out to sample foods from new restaurants around the area. At times, however, it can be expensive. With this, I often take inspiration from my favorite restaurants and recreate their dishes at home. Among others, one […]
  • Jul. 18

Tips to Organize the Perfect Birthday Surprise

Recently, I planned a birthday surprise for one of my closest friends. The party happened at our favorite cocktail lounge, the Regent Cocktail Club. It was my first time to planned such a thing. I realized that it is not an easy task, especially because I want everything to be in perfect order. To help […]
  • Jul. 18